Pervert Secretly Films Girl’s Private Parts But Stupidly Leaves The Flash On!

Perverts are everywhere and they will risk everything just to stare at women’s private parts. And technology and mobile phone has made their job easier for them to indulge in their disgusting acts. But same technology can also become their downfall. Take this pervert for example. He tried to take a video of the woman sitting opposite to him at a public transport vehicle. But he was caught.

He was discreetly moving his phone to get a better angle of what’s between the woman’s legs. He made it look like he was just browsing his phone. But he didn’t realized that flash on his phone was on making it disgusting act very obvious. The woman noticed it right away and called him on it.

The woman said in her language “Kuya baka gusto mong tanggalin yung flash – Which in English means – Hey Mister, you might want to turn off the flash. And his reaction and embarrassment was priceless.

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