This Deaf and Mute Kochi girl Has Overcome All Hurdles of Life To Become A celebrated Model and Athlete!

Meet Sophia M joe. She is 25 year old and born woth hearing and speech disability. However, none of these could stop Sophia from reaching the heights of success.

Today Sophia is a celebrated model and an athlete. She won the national champion at shot put  and discus throwing three times and have represented India in numerous International events. She is also a talented painter and jewellery designer.


Sophia was born in Kochi and childhood was not easy for her.  Schools wouldn’t admit her. Her brother, Richard also suffers from the same condition. “It not neither my children’s fault nor mine. They were born this way and nothing could help their state. But people made fun of us, taunted us as if we’d committed some sin,” Sophia’s father Joe Francis told Ken Folios.


But none of those hurdles stopped Sophia from soaring high. Today, Sophia has a BA degree in English Literature from St Xavier’s College, and is a celebrated model and sportsperson.

She is grown up like any other ordinary student. Though we home schooled her for some years, later we admitted her to an ordinary school in Kerala and trained her ourselves. We are always with her in fulfilling her ambitions and this infused much confidence in her.” says her mother Goriatty.


This beauitful model was the first runner-up in Miss India Deaf & Dumb contest in 2014, and represented India at the Miss World Deaf and Dumb Contest in Prague, Czech Republic. She even acted in a film called ‘Best Wishes’, and is training in dance.


Sophia also became the first woman with hearing disability from Kerala to receive a driving license, for which she went on to knock the doors of the Delhi High Court. The talented soul aspires to become a car racer in the times to come.

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