Heavy Snowfall In Saudi Arabia Surprises The World!

When we hear Saudi Arabia we imagine it as a hot place with desert and camel. That is true, the average summer temperature in Saudi Arabia is about 45° C, not the place you expect a snowfall.

Now for the first time ever, Saudi Arabia has received snowfall while temperatures dipped below the freezing point. The deserts looked like a winter wonderland, wrapped around with powdery snow.

Making the most of the unlikely scenario people from the region are celebrating, because who wouldn’t? Look at the pictures to believe in miracles!

Yes, This Saudi Arabia!

Snow has started falling in northern SaudiArabia. #SaudiArabia #Snow #Winter #Brrr #SnowinSaudi

A photo posted by Riyadh Riyadh Hai Yaar 🇸🇦 (@riyadhriyadhhaiyaar) on

Snow in the desert

Winter in Saudi Arabia #winter #saudiarabia #snowinsaudi

A photo posted by HEEM (@heem.01) on

Not Europe, Saudi Arabia

Snow has started falling in northern #SaudiArabia #snow #winter #brrr #snowinsaudi

A photo posted by 💚PaKiStAn💚 ❤Karachi❤ (@muhammadyasirdpm) on

No it’s not Antarctica still Saudi Arabia people

Climate change is confusing!

This snow man looks happy!

Bet you didn’t see that coming!

If the pictures weren’t convincing!


Recently, Tokyo in Japan also had its first snowfall in November in 54 years.

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