Woman Crops Mom Out Of Picture, Mom Reminds Her Of The Reason She Exists!

Anything can drive your mom crazy but this mom went crazy for an entire different reason that too on the internet. She lost her cool when her daughter cropped her out of a picture. Abeera Tariq from Maryland was reminded of her existence when she cropped her mom out of a picture that had her brothers and her mom. Here is the original picture. Happy family, right? WRONG!


But she cropped the picture to get because she wanted a picture of her brothers and her alone. However her mom did liked it.


Abeera’s mum said, “Itni mushkil se paida karo aur picture se crop kar liya!” How dare you woman!? Do you have ANY idea how much pain it takes to deliver a baby?

Since then it became viral on Social media and received 11,000 re-tweets and almost 19,000 likes.

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