Kochi became the 5th loudest Stadium In the World thanks to Kerala BLaster’s Fans!

The ripple created by Kerala Blasters Fans at Kochi on the ISL final match was unprecedented. Its official that Kerala Blasters have the loudest supporters in the Indian Super League

As per the media report, the noise made by Kerala Blasters fans on the Final Match day was the 5th in the world. 128 Decibel sound was recorded on the final match day at Kaloor International Stadium in Kochi. More than 54,000 spectators came to watch the final match of ISL. With this Kochi became the 5th loudest stadium in the world.

Kochi Kaloor stadium

At present the world noise record belongs to America’s Kansas City Chief’s fans at 142.2 Decibel. Seattle Sea Hawks at Centaury link stadium is 137.8 dB, followed by  Clemenson Tiger’s at Memorial stadium with 132.8db and lastly by Husky stadium with 133.6db.

Earlier in the match, Kerala Blasters fans made 123db when playing against Delhi.

For a league that takes place in a country where football often takes a back seat to cricket, it’s quite astonishing to see the clubs participating in it enjoying vociferous support. Those clubs might be far and few, but the fact that they exist is quite incredible in itself.

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