How Prithviraj Came to the rescue of Jeethu Jospeh’s Drishyam!

Jeethu Joseph’s Drishyam was a huge box office success in the director’s career. The title ‘Drishyam’ is perfect for that film because it is interwoven with the movie’s story and also it creates an impression on the viewer’s mind. We can say without doubt that no other title will suit for this movie.

But did you know that, Jeethu Joseph was going to name the as ‘My family’? Thank god that never happened. Fortunately that title was never used all thanks to Prithviraj.

Jeethu Joseph told the story of Drishyam to Prithviraj and the actor was happy with the story and really liked but was not Ok with the title. He suggested that a Malayalam name would suit the film more.

Jeethu Joseph took the suggestion of Prithviraj and a few days before the final works of the film, Jeethu was going through the script and the word ‘Drishyam’ caught his attention. He then decided to name the film Drishyam. So if it wasn’t for Prithviraj, the film would never got the title that suits the best.

Friendship between Prithviraj and Jeethu Joseph goes a long way. The director says they used to argue and fight in a constructive way when it comes to film making, after all both are passionate film makers.


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