This Girl Strips on stage in front of her audience to deliver a powerful message!

Some men love to stare at women in public. It’s when you undress them with your eyes. Women tend to find that creepy. They face is this almost on a daily basis everywhere in the world and it needs to stop.


To make awareness about this “stare rape”, Mallika Thaneja a theatre artist decided to appear undressed in front of 50 people at a hall in Thevara Sacred heart College. She appeared undressed as a part of his mono-act Thoda Dhyan (Be careful) to shed light on the stare rape faced by women in public. Thaneja appeared fully undressed for more than 5 minutes on stage and this brave girl successfully delivered her social message.


The mono act satire play is also against so called moral police who criticise women of their dresses. The audience were Students and professors.



According to Thaneja, her body is her weapon. She has performed in various stage across India and some countries.

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