Girl plays Candy Crush on mobile as doctors perform brain surgery on her in Chennai


A team of doctors performed a brain surgery on an awake brain surgery and removed a tumour from the most sensitive part of a 10-year-old girl’s brain, who was playing Candu Crush game on her uncle’s cell phone during the operation.

The awake surgery is done in nearly 2 percent of patients suffering from a brain tumour and are adults but is rare in children.

The girl named Nandini a Class 5 student was brought to the hospital with complaints of sudden onset of fits. It was later found out that she had a tumour in an important area of the brain which controls the movement of the left half of the body.

Since a tumour could become dangerous, doctors decided to perform surgery. Dr Roopesh Kumar suggested Nandini’s parents for the awake brain surgery. However, the parents were hesitant, but the doctors approached patient’s uncle in Puducherry, who is a doctor, to convince them.

In a conventional method, a portion of the skull is removed to give surgeons access to the brain when the patient is unconscious.

“I did not want to go in for the conventional method of removing the tumour. It was in the sensitive part of the brain and if we accidentally touched a wrong nerve, it could cause complete paralysis of left half of her body,” Dr Roopesh Kumar.

When the doctors were performing surgery, Nandini, a Bharatanatyam dancer, was playing candy crush on his uncle’s cell phone. She moved her hands and legs when doctors asked her to do so. This makes sure that operation does not affect her mobility.

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