Watch This Funny Ganja Peddler Doing Infront Of the Channel Camera at Police Station!

There are all types of criminals in our society. While most people who got arrested wants to hide their face in front of their camera, this guy wants exactly opposite. This Ganja peddler named Abdul Rahim who was arrested by Narcotics Enforcement Department from Adimali wants to become famous by showing himself in front of the channel crew.

He wants his face to be captured clearly on camera. He says Ganja business is very profitable and he will continue this business. As per the law, if you are captured with under 20 grams of Ganja then you will be given bail. This loophole in the law is exploited by the peddlers in Kerala. They only carry less than 20grams of Ganja so that even if they get arrested they will get bail soon.

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