ISIS Is So Scared Of This Woman, They’re offering $1 Million To Kill Her!

Meet Joanna Palani, a Danish-Kurdish woman who left her comfortable life as a student in a university and made her way to a war-torn Syria to fight ISIS. Now it is reported that ISIS is offering $1 million reward for the murder of 23-year-old Joanna because she fought against them.


According to Arab media, ISIS has declared a bounty against this fearless fighter on Social media channels in several different language.

This brave heart, Joanna unfortunately is now currently behind bars and facing trial in Copenhagen for leaving the country after a 12-month travel ban imposed in June 2015.


“How can i pose a threat to Denmark and other countries by being a soldier in an official army that Denmark trains and supports directly in the fight against (isis)? She asks. In her Facebook post, she also mentioned she did so “to fight for women’s rights, for democracy – for the European values I learned as a Danish girl.

Her trial started this week and if found guilty she will face up to two years in prison under the new laws designed to curb the upsurge of ISIS militants from Denmark to the Middle East.

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