This is China’s ‘Naohun’ Wedding Tradition With Pranks, Sexual Groping And Violence!

Weddings comes with weird tradition and customs, whether it’s your religious beliefs or some hilarious pranks started by your friends. But you wouldn’t believe what the Chinese people do to their grooms and brides. There is a weird wedding tradition in China called “Naohun” or called “turbulence at weddings”. But you’ll find that translation is quite understated. Watch this video to understand about their tradition.

The bride and groom were forced to have sex in front of their family and friends. In other case, people groped the bride’s breast. Of 21,000 people surveyed by China Youth Daily in 2014, 80 % reported being pranked at their wedding, or had seen pranks at other weddings. And 60% said they hated the tradition.

Our wedding day is a playground for our friends. Your Chunk Bros will do whatever it takes or go any extent to pull a hilarious prank on you. Most of the times its funny but it has also resulted in destroying the relationship between the newlyweds. So don’t take the leaf from this Chinese tradition and pull it on your friends. Because you might end up in jail.

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