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Reaction of Dileep fan after bail

Dileep was given bail by the Kerala High Court on Tuesday in the case of abduction and sexual assault of a fellow actress. Now see the hilarious reaction of a Dileep fan. The bail was granted by Justice Sunil Thomas after imposing stringent conditions, including surrendering of his passport, a deposit of Rs 1 lakh… Read More »

The girl whose heart beats outside her body

Eight-year-old Virsaviya Borun is like any other girl of her age. However,  Borun suffers from Pentalogy of Cantrell, a rare congenital condition, that has caused her heart and intestines to grow outside her body. A video uploaded to YouTube shows the girl’s heart beating outside her chest as she giggles and shows it to the… Read More »

Woman Beats Racist Lady In Florida

Colleen Dagg was in a Florida hotel when another guest said something racist about Haitians who were in the hotel. Dagg apparently reprimanded the lady for her hate speech and it set the woman off. The other woman got angry and started to beat Collen Wrong move on the racist’s part because  what happened next is… Read More »

Man Dies Flamefest Kink Festival in UK

During a Kink Festival in UK, a reveller in his 50s was found dead in a tent and a woman in her 40s was airlifted to hospital.  The man and the woman have been at the two-day Flamefest, a so-called “kinky rave” or. Sex festival in Kent in UK. His death is being treated as… Read More »

Uppum Mulakum Teams New Ads 2 Onam Shopping

Uppum Mulakum is one of the favourite situational comedy serial for Malayalees all over the world. It is aired in Flowers TV Channel and since its inception it has got positive reviews. The cast of the Uppum Mulakum ihas a huge fan base among Malayalee audience and now they have acted in a commercial which… Read More »

Philipp Budeikin Revealed Why He Create BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE GAME

Blue Whale Challenge — an online game which involves a series of 50 bizarre tasks, including self-injury, and eventually suicide at the end of day 50 is gaining attention for all the wrong reasons. The Indian government has started taking action against the lethal online game . The game came into limelight as children in India started… Read More »

John Cena and Nikki Bella stay true to their promise!

If you’ve always wanted to see John Cena without clothes , now you can. The WWE star stripped down to his birthday suit alongside his fiancée, fellow WWE wrestler Nikki Bella, to celebrate her milestone of 500,000 YouTube subscribers. “We got half a million subscribers!” Bella says in the video posted to The Bella Twins’ YouTube page.… Read More »