This Aurangabad businessman gifts 90 houses to homeless on daughter’s wedding

Recently we have seen many big fat weddings by billionaires where crores of Rupees were spent on their child’s wedding. Such VIP weddings are frowned upon by the public. Conducting lavish wedding when homeless people living in the street is not setting any good examples. However, one billionaire decided not to go after opulent display of wealth but instead do some charity work.

Ajay Munot a businessman from Aurangabad district of Maharashtra decided to celebrate his daughter’s wedding by gifting 90 houses to the homeless poor.

ajau munot

Ajay Munot, donated 90 houses to the homeless people instead of spending money on his daughter’s marriage ceremony.  Ajay was about to spend Rs 70 to 80 lakhs for his daughter’s wedding but decided to go for building shelters for homeless people. He says he took this decision after his family and friends suggested him to do so.

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