Islamic Fanatics Bashed Cricketer Mohd. Shami for posting this Image with His Wife in Sleeveless

Religious bigotry is not new in India but radicalism by religious fanatics for the Purdah if Muslim women is the worst. We have seen many incidents of it when Asif Ali shared his wife’s photo on Facebook or when Ansiba Hassan shared a racing hot pictures. And most recently there is this incident where so called “Muslim brothers” trying to shame a Muslim woman just for singing. Well, India is not alone. this is exactly what happened when Pakistani Cricketer Mohammed Shami posted a picture of his wife and him on Facebook. A bunch of Islamic fanatics scolded him badly for not covering his wife properly.

Here is the picture and tell us if you see anything vulgar? No right but these people beg to differ.


Have a look on some Derogatory comments against Shami’s wife, check them –





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