This Popular South Indian Word Has Been Officially Added To the Oxford English Dictionary!

If we get a nickel for every time we say “Ayyo” we will be richer than Mukesh Ambani or Bill gates. Ayyo is the most common south Indian word not just in Malayalam but also in Tamil.

Now the word Aiyoh and Aiyah have now been incorporated in the Oxford English Dictionary as their latest addition words this September. These words are extensively used in South India for expressing a wide range of emotions.

While the word is not English, Oxford included this word because maybe they are adapting to the regional side and given the different contexts, frequency, and ease with which people are using it.

Apart from ‘Ayioh’ the word ‘yogasana’ has also been included in the dictionary in the month of September.


Oxford English Dictionary has been our one stop solution for English related queries and now that ‘Aiyoh’ and ‘Aiyah’ get to be a part of it, it gives us a reason to rejoice!

However, some English purists didn’t like this new addition. They say using these non-English words colloquially doesn’t mean it gets a permanent place in the dictionary.

This is not Oxford’s maiden attempt to surprise us: Earlier, they included an emoticon in their dictionary, for which they received a lot of mixed reactions.


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