This Man Is Searched On Google More Than Salman Khan Why You Can’t Believe It

Salman Khan is one of the most searched celebrity on the internet according to a survey conducted by Yahoo India. But not anymore. Shockingly a new person has come up about whom people are more intrigued than Salman Khan himself. He is apparently also the most trending person on Youtube too. It is none other than a Youtuber from Bengal named Alom Boghra.



Alom Boghra is a YouTube celebrity who records melodies composed solely by him.  He is the lead hero in his videos and the most stunning thing is the consideration of exceptionally lovely female partners.


He got famous because people visit his YouTube Channel just to criticise his looks. He may not be good looking at all to fit even in a Television role but what he does is making him richer than many other people on YouTube. Alom is very famous among the Bengali community.


He maybe a person to be made fun of on Social Media but he is also the person who is picking up a profession out of whatever he does. This proves that anyone can become famous by making an effort in what he loves. People! Take some inspiration from this guy.

So you can say he is the Santhosh Pandit of Bengal.

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