Aju Varghese Facebook Post on Jayalalitha’ Death and Malayalee’s Hypocrisy is Spot-on!

The death of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha is mourned by lakhs of people in Tamil Nadu. Chest-thumping and wailing, men and women could not come to terms that their beloved leader was no more.

Meanwhile Malayalaees who like who like to think themselves as the intellectual ones has started to troll Tamilians going overboard on Jayalalitha’s death. Several memes mocking the Tamil people have started going rounds in the social media. Some Malyalaees think its “over-acting” and they do this just to show their face on the camera while some other think it’s an imbecile act. However that is wrong on so many levels and actor Aju Varghese will tell you why. Aju Varghese has shared a Facebook post on this issue and its spot on.  Read his Facebook post here.

[facebookpost https://www.facebook.com/AjuVargheseOfficial/posts/1199509286803472]

He says it’s wrong to depict chest-thumping and wailing Tamils crying over their leader’s death as an imbecile act. Jayalalitha became popular among here people because she has served them very well. She provides good governance and works in interest of people. She is a great leader and voracious reader. Hence admired by people across political parties, people across ages and professions.

Compared to an average Indian politician, she is doing a better job and for all her scandals & abuse of freedoms, she has been doing well in internal security, economy, healthcare and infrastructure. Most Tamils make the trade-off and many seem happy with that.

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